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The 26th of June “Ca Lluis tapes i creativitat” (Lluis ́ Place- Tapas and Creativity) will inaugurate their solidarity initiative that will be entitled “ART & BIKES” and which consists of custom art of bicycles done by recognized artists, designers and illustrators who will donate 100% of the profits to social projects related to the world of cycling. 
The event begins the 26th of June with an auction of the art work, and will end the 9th of October when the checks are sent. 
This initiative will have several diverse phases: 
A) The 26th of June and the 17th and 18th of July and the 18 of September, the custom canvases will be auctioned off to raise money for the different associations that we are supporting and will be exhibited in between the auction dates. 
B) For those people who wish to collaborate economically for this cause and who can not afford a full canvas, we will have a piggy bank for solidarity. We will periodically update the money raised and publish it on our web. 
C) Of all the people who come to eat dinner at Ca Lluis and who would like to sign up in our client database, we will award one bicycle at random to one person in our database. 
D) The 9th of October we will send the checks to the different charity associations we are supporting. 
We wish to raise awareness about the benefits of using bicycles, modifying our habits to improve the quality of life in our cities and to transmit the idea that bikes are one of the most ecological, healthy and accessible ways to move around. The bicycle is a cheap and environmentally friendly transportation method. As soon as you ride oneyou begin to smile, you ́re exercising without even knowing it, zero carbon emissions, you save on gasoline, parking and traffic violations, traffic jams, you are reducing your chances for heart attacks, it ́s a first class aerobic exercise, it ́s cheap, fun and great to share with friends…. 
Here at Ca Lluis we are aiming to contribute to this project by working with different organizations that get bikes to people who are underprivileged and who need them to get around or just have fun.